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What if you didn't need to scrub to clean your cooker? What if there didn't need to be nasty smells? What if getting healthily cooked food was only a phone call away?

With our service for oven cleaning in Heaton Moor SK4, it is! We use the advanced dip tank method twinned with careful before and after function tests to restore your oven to tip-top condition. Perfect for commercial appliances, as well as the cooker in your own home, there's no limit to the size, make, or model of oven we can treat. It's quick. It's easy. And it's ideal for ensuring that you and your family are getting the most from the meals you cook.

You'll start your service with a free quote. Get every part of your cooker cleaned. And you won't have to lift a finger while the experts do their work!

Let The Oven Cleaners Work Their Magic

Using our knowledge and experience we'll always assess the cleaning work before we begin, before carefully dismantling your oven. All the removable parts will be cleaned in a dip tank containing a powerful cleaning solution. This eco-friendly solution breaks down the particles so that the removable parts can be wiped clean. Any other residual grease and carbon deposits will be scraped away manually before everything is reassembled.

Following on is a final polish and inspection from you - our valued customer. Other equipment that can also be cleaned includes:

  • BBQ cleaning
  • Grill cleaning
  • Hob cleaning
  • Furnace cleaning

Give us a call and speak with our customer care team. Once we've received all the details we can provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Get Your Free Quote Any Time You Contact Us

A no-cost, no-obligation quote is the starting point of most of our handy home support options, including our oven cleaning services. Make sure you ask for yours when you call to book.

You can contact us 24 hours a day, any day of the week - or at the weekend - on 0161 823 0274. Here you'll be put right in touch with a friendly, live member of our customer care team.

You can also reach us from the comfort of where you are right now by using our chat facility or booking form, to book or get a quote on your service.

What Exactly Gets Done?

The specialist oven cleaning teams use a variety of techniques for cleaning. Your exact needs, the appliance in question, and the condition of it, will influence our approach. Dip tank cleaning is the method of choice for the most challenging of cookers.

  • The appliance is checked and you'll receive a report on it's current functioning.
  • Your cooker is taken apart, and all removable components are placed to soak.
  • The main body is manually cleaned.
  • Everything is put back together, polished, and tested.
  • There's no drying time. Your cooker will be ready for use the moment we're finished.

Combine cooker cleansing with general domestic cleaning and you may be offered a discounted rate for some of your work. Book us for end of tenancy cleaning and your oven is scrubbed as a standard part of the service.

The Local Choice For Expert Oven Cleaning

What makes us the local service of choice? Just ask our other customers - we've collected all of our most recent feedback over on our reviews page.

You'll be getting work from a team of highly trained local Heaton Moor oven cleaners, equipped with the latest dip tank apparatus. Your team are smartly uniformed specialists. Whose work is covered by total insurance cover. So you can rest easy while your expensive appliance is in our hands.

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"The job done was perfect. The cleaners were a bit late but apart form that everything was good. I will use you again, when I need cleaning."

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